There are things you know you need for an excellent bathroom renovation—a toilet, for example. But some of the best bathroom ideas are much less obvious. In this blog, the Hollywood bathroom remodeling team at The Home People will give you some next-level ideas for a unique and enviable bathroom—things you didn’t even know your bathroom needed.  

An Oversized Shower or Bath

If you dream of a not-so-average bathroom, then why would you would opt for an average shower or bathtub? The days of fiberglass tub/shower combinations are over—it’s time for you to elevate the level of luxury in your bathroom space at a reasonable price.

Instead of spending money on a traditional shower and tub, consider a tiled shower space. Large tiles won’t be much more expensive than a prefabricated tub unit, and you’ll end up with a larger, more luxurious shower space.

Not willing to give up a bathtub for a fancy shower? Then you better go for a spacious, jacuzzi-like tub in your bathroom space. There’s no reason to cram yourself into a tiny, shallow tub, using washcloths to clog your overflow drains while you try to find a bathing position that doesn’t put a crick in your neck. You deserve to be neck deep in hot water, you deserve to stretch your legs out, and you deserve jacuzzi jets. Lots of jacuzzi jets.

Big Window(s)

Windows usually aren’t at the top of bathroom remodel wishlists, for obvious reasons. But having no windows is a much worse scenario, as a lack of ventilation could leave your bathroom with mold, mildew, and a bevy of indescribably strange smells.

A large window in your bathroom can keep fresh air moving in and strange smells moving out—plus, the natural light will make your space light, airy, and energy efficient. Still worried about a lack of privacy in your bathroom? Install some ceiling-level windows and a few skylights to brighten things up a bit.

No matter what you choose, adding a window or two to your bathroom space increases home value and keeps things fresh.

Custom Storage Solutions

Do you have a mess of hair care products, towels, and other toiletries that are taking over your bathroom? You need custom bathroom storage solutions for a well-organized bathroom space. Slim, slide-out shelves can become your personal library for shampoos and hair care products, while customizable low-level shelving can neatly organize your cleaning products and store that 87-pack of toilet paper you just picked up at Sam’s Club. The whole point of custom shelving is that it’s custom—whatever you need to organize in your bathroom, create some custom shelving to match.

A Space-Age Toilet

Who doesn’t want a toilet with bluetooth capabilities and a faster processor than your laptop? C’mon, we know you’d buy one of the fanciest toilets on the market if you had a few extra thousand bucks lying around.

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