Every year, homeowners across the country are filled with sorrow, anger, frustration, and regret. They curse the sky, screaming “Why me?” and wave their fists in the air, knowing they can’t change a thing about what has happened to them.

These people are victims of hackjob home renovations, and they have every right to be upset—they had high expectations for their home remodel, but those expectations were not met.

What caused your home renovation to go terribly wrong? The Hollywood kitchen and bathroom remodelers at The Home People will answer that question here, showing you how subpar contractors can leave you with a finished product that doesn’t feel finished at all.

Cheap Materials

You can’t fully blame your remodeler for this one. If you’re trying to renovate on the cheap, you’re going to get cheap materials. But if you’re spending top-dollar and not getting top-dollar materials, fishy contracting could be at play.

One of the sneakiest ways for “professional” contractors to make a profit is to pass of mid-range materials as luxury materials—after all, will the client even know the difference? Turns out that they will know the difference—it doesn’t take an expert eye to tell the difference between real marble and faux marble.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the most common form of trickery experienced in the renovation world. Sneaky, dishonest contractors can use the best materials but cut corners in less obvious ways—cheap plumbing, poor electrical work, and warped, reclaimed lumber. Contractors will also cut costs by hiring inexperienced, minimum-wage workers, which can make even the best materials look cheap after they’re installed.

Poor Tiling Work

Beautiful tiling work can take a kitchen or bathroom from drab to divine. But poor tiling work can do just the opposite, leaving you wondering if a DIY tiling job could’ve been just as good, if not better, than the work of “professionals.”

Home remodelers can take on dozens of projects each year—so if they don’t know how to square up tiles or create a nice, clean edge between tile and drywall, chances are they’ll never know.

Before you hire a contractor or home remodeling company to do work on your home, browse their website for project photos—or even better, do a Google image search of the business name. Poor tiling work can’t hide behind photoshop or clever photographic lighting, so browse a contractor’s body of work before you put them to work.

Creaks and Squeaks

Remember that old apartment building you lived in right after college? Remember how every time you stepped on a certain part of the kitchen floor, you’d hear the world’s longest and loudest “creeeeeeeeeak” that would wake up your cat and your downstairs neighbors? This is what happens to poorly constructed buildings over time—but these things should not happen a few weeks after your renovation.

If things are already squeaking and creaking in your home, the proverbial screw is loose on your renovation. Steps were skipped and best practices were not followed. But at least your remodel looks nice, right?

Strange Smells

Before bathroom remodelers can bring in the new, they must remove the old—and that means getting rid of some things that can be a bit smelly. Old bathroom tiles, drywall, flooring, and toilets (obviously) can harbor a lot of smells over the years, no matter how hard you try to clean them. This is why we remodel, folks—nice things won’t stay nice forever.

The beauty of a bathroom renovation is that everything should look and smell clean when it’s all said and done. If you’re experiencing strange smells in a brand new bathroom, it’s safe to say your contractor cut some corners or made some mistakes in the remodeling process. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire—so check your plumbing and pipes in your bathroom to make sure those smells are occurring because of a plumbing oversight. A small leak can turn a bathroom from new to old (or new to mold) real quick.

A Lack of Transparency

Gasp! Just hearing the words “a lack of transparency” should send shivers down your spine—it’s the ultimate telltale sign that your bathroom remodel will be a total hackjob. If your remodeler can’t answer—or refuses to answer—questions about building processes, remodeling timelines, or price (yikes!), it’s obvious they’re hiding something from you.

So what do these “professional” contractors have to hide? Maybe they’re trying to take you for a ride and squeeze as much money out of your wallet as possible—or like in most cases, they’re trying to hide the one thing they lack: competence.

Don’t ever think that “this is just the way home remodelers are across the board.” The best home remodelers keep you in the loop for every step of the process, from estimate to construction to final billing, and they’re willing to answer any of the questions and address any of the concerns you might have throughout the remodeling process. This is what separates the pros from the amateurs in the remodeling world.

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