As Hollywood’s bathroom remodeling experts, The Home People are passionate about turning your old, sickly bathroom into something useful, luxurious, and beautiful. With 36 years of experience transforming depressing toilet rooms into spa-like spaces fit for a queen, we know what it takes to make an incredible bathroom space that everyone can enjoy.

But what is it, exactly, that makes for a stunning bathroom space? In this blog, we’ll discuss a few of the elements you’ll need for the best bathroom on the block.

High-End Finishes

Finishes on your cabinets, countertops, flooring, and hardware dictate the style and level of luxury of your bathroom, so choose these finishes carefully for an eye-catching and cohesive bathroom look. Take a more traditional approach to bathroom design by combining rustic flooring, granite or marble countertops, and copper or iron hardware for a warm and homey bathroom space, or go for a space-age modern look with bright tile floors, quartz countertops, and chrome or silver hardware. Whatever your taste, the quality and the cohesiveness of these finishes will determine the success of your bathroom design.

Durable Flooring

Bathroom floors deal with tons of splashes, spills, and the occasional toilet overflow, so they must be able to stand up to any level of moisture, and retain their beauty and luster in the process. Plus, they should be relatively easy to clean, as bathrooms harbor more germs and microorganisms than any other place in your home.

Porcelain and stone tiles offer the best in aesthetic quality, but can be difficult to maintain and can be cold and slippery for your bare feet. Vinyl sheet flooring doesn’t quite have the luxury of stone or porcelain, but it is, by far, the easiest to clean out of all of the bathroom flooring options, and it’s relatively inexpensive. Ultimately, you’ll have to decide what kind of flooring works for your maintenance, aesthetic, and budget needs—and as long as we can agree that carpet is not an option, your bathroom will look great for years to come.

A Stunning Sink

Not all sinks are created equal—it’s up to you to find a sink that matches your desired aesthetic, and makes a statement in your new bathroom space. Luckily, sink design becomes more and more diverse by the year, so you’ll always have a sink option that fits your needs.

A Powerful Toilet

You’ll probably never own one of the world’s most expensive toilets, but you can find a proper porcelain throne for your new bathroom space (you really don’t have a choice). While your toilet doesn’t have to be bluetooth and USB 3.0 capable, it does need to have enough flushing power to take care of business—so do your research before making the plunge on a new loo for your space.

The Best Showerhead

If you have a great showerhead, does anything else really matter in your new bathroom? A high quality showerhead combined with firehose-esque water pressure is the pinnacle of comfort and relaxation, and one of life’s greatest pleasures—so why would you penny-pinch when it comes to your showerhead? There are a number of great showerheads on the market today that run under $200, with many variations that meet your needs. Perhaps you’re looking for a high-powered shower wand with a hose attachment that helps you clean all those hard-to-reach areas, and can double as a pet-cleaning machine. Or maybe you’d rather pretend you’re bathing beneath an amazonian waterfall with a ceiling-mounted waterfall showerhead. Whatever the case, don’t go for the dirt-cheap motel bathroom showerhead—you’ll almost certainly regret it once shower time rolls around.

It’s also worth noting that no showerhead is truly great without a luxurious shower space and a powerful hot water heater. If you don’t feel like a bathtub is necessary for your new space, you’ll be able to create a tiled shower space that’s as regal as it is roomy—all for a price that’s similar to a standard fiberglass bathtub.

For hot water heaters, do your research on models in your price range with the best energy efficiency and hot water producing power—and keep the size of your family in mind. If you’re third in line for the shower every day, you’ll need a hot water heater that doesn’t give you the cold shoulder when you need it the most.

Luxurious Lighting   

Even the most luxurious bathrooms can look like the bathrooms in the SAW movies if they don’t have quality lighting fixtures. Poor lighting can make your new space look dull and uninviting, and make it difficult to complete essential bathroom tasks.

You’ll need two types of lighting for a beautifully lit bathroom: task lighting, which helps you accomplish tasks like doing makeup, tracking down pesky nose hairs, and brushing your teeth (think Hollywood dressing room), and atmospheric lighting, which will help your bathroom feel warm, peaceful, and relaxing (think tropical island sunset). With this killer combo of lighting, you’ll have a bathroom space that feels just as good as it looks.

Choose Your Hollywood Bathroom Remodel Professionals!

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