The look of your home owes much to the quality of its drywall. When it comes to drywall you want professional contractors who can effectively do compound, plaster, and taping work. Once this phase of the job is complete, we focus on painting. Throughout the process, attention to detail is critical.

You might not notice great drywall, but you certainly notice when there is a problem, and everyone else will notice as well. Even the best paint job in the world will be blemished if there are significant drywall problems and imperfections in the compound or taping.
The Home People are dedicated to completing the highest quality drywall work and, as general contractors, we stand behind each and every single job.

Drywall Repairs
Part of being drywall experts is that we understand what it takes to repair all kinds of drywall imperfections. Our clients are consistently surprised by the drywall repairs that we can make. We can also fix past jobs that weren’t perfect. For example, we’ll take care of any holes and repaint walls. That’s what being a home remodeler is all about—doing anything necessary to make your home look great.