As Hollywood’s kitchen remodelers of choice, The Home People have seen every single kitchen remodel mistake in the book. In this blog, we’ll discover some of the biggest mistakes homeowners make during the kitchen remodeling process, and how to avoid making costly remodeling mistakes.

Mistake #1: Letting Your Contractor Run Wild

As contractors, we hope you have at least some faith in our craftsmanship and professionalism. But we also realize that having too much faith your contractor can have disastrous results. One of the biggest mistakes you can make in the world of kitchen remodels is letting your contractor take control of your project—or even worse, allowing your contractor to keep you in the dark on project decisions.

It’s important to clearly communicate your vision for a new kitchen with your contractor, and use visual aids in order to show them what kind of kitchen you’re looking for. Otherwise, you could be left with disappointing kitchen and a larger contractor bill than you were expecting.

Fortunately, with The Home People, the line of communication between homeowners and contractors is clearer than ever before! Our team utilizes Buildertrend, a revolutionary project management software program that lets you manage and oversee every aspect of the renovation process through a state-of-the-art app. Buildertrend allows you to:

  • See running project totals
  • View all invoices and work related documents
  • Create/complete todos
  • View schedules and timelines
  • See progress videos/images
  • Easily converse about specific items without having to dig through emails or texts
  • Pick out items you may want to add to your project and see how it changes your estimate.
  • See service requests and warranties
  • Complete feedback and surveys

With industry-leading software and the 36 years of experience that The Home People bring to every project, you can be sure the entire renovation process is transparent, efficient, budget friendly, and reflective of your vision.

Mistake #2: Choosing Form Over Function

Those soapstone countertops look incredible—but are they tough enough to handle impact from your cast-iron cookware? It’s important to keep your cooking style and kitchen behaviors in mind when choosing materials and finishes for your kitchen space—otherwise, you could damage your beautiful kitchen before you even have time to enjoy it.

Are you prone to spills and drops on your kitchen floor? Choose a flooring material that is stain and impact-resistant. Hate using coasters in your kitchen? Maybe you should avoid those marble countertops you’ve fallen in love with. Whatever the case, it’s important to choose functional kitchen pieces over those that look beautiful. This is a kitchen you’ll be using for years, if not decades—do you really want to worry about ruining your travertine floors for decades? Do you want to spend more time cleaning your kitchen every week because you dropped your money on high-maintenance materials and finishes? The choice is yours—so choose wisely.

Mistake #3: Skimping On Appliances

A family of eight will not survive with a single-basin kitchen sink and a small refrigerator. When you’re planning your kitchen remodel, be sure that your appliances match your family size and kitchen needs—otherwise, you’ll be in need of an appliance upgrade sooner than you’d expect.

Are you hoping to start a cupcake catering business? Make sure you have plenty of room for delicious dozens in your oven. Want to give your dog a bath in the kitchen sink? Make sure you have the big basin and the retractable faucet wand to make the job easy. Whatever the case, be sure go larger instead of smaller in the appliance department. It’s much easier (and less expensive) to grow into appliances instead of growing out of them.

Mistake #4: Going The DIY Route

Sometimes, it’s easy to get a wild hair and want to DIY the living daylights out of your home. Give a dad some power tools, and he can move mountains—at least he thinks he can.

There are some projects that are asking to be DIYed, like replacing the handles on your kitchen cabinets, or repainting your bedrooms. However, there are certain projects that are just too big and complex to be DIYed—and kitchen renovations are a perfect example of that.

The kitchen is an expensive and important investment into your home—if your DIY kitchen renovation goes awry, you could lose value on your home, and spend loads of money fixing the DIY messes you’ve made. Do the job right the first time by not doing it all, and leaving it up to professional kitchen remodelers. You’ll get top-notch craftsmanship that will boost the value of your home, and you can spend all that time you would’ve spent remodeling your kitchen on other, more feasible DIY projects around your home.  

Becoming Mistake-Proof

Knowing what mistakes you can make is one thing—but having a mistake-proof mindset can be just what you need to avoid kitchen renovation disasters:

Know your needs.

Before you begin your renovation or talk to your contractor, make a list of your needs—and be sure you know which needs are non-negotiable. This will give your contractor explicit instructions on how to prioritize your kitchen design, and it’ll give you better vision during the kitchen design and brainstorming process.

Splurge on the best materials you can afford.

Materials and finishes matter more in kitchens than any other place in the home, so spend as much as you can afford on materials that will stand the test of time. Opting to cut costs in favor of cheap materials will only leave you second guessing when your kitchen remodel is complete. In situations where you absolutely cannot afford what you want, consider buying cheap stopgaps until you’re ready to afford what you desire. For example, buying super cheap laminate countertops can buy you time to save for quartz or marble countertops.

Set a budget (and stick to it).

Do your research in order to construct a budget around the kitchen products and services you need or want the most, and stick to that budget. Blowing your budget can leave you financially compromised, and can lower the ROI on your remodeling project.

Trust the professionals.

As the homeowner, YOU are in control of your kitchen remodeling project. However, it’s important to take the advice of your contractor seriously—they have the experience, they’ve made the mistakes, and they know the best decisions for your kitchen from a technical standpoint. You don’t always have to agree with them, but you should take their comments and concerns seriously.

Choose The Home People!

With over 36 years of kitchen remodeling experience in the Hollywood Beach area, The Home People are your premier choice for everything related to kitchens, bathrooms, decks, home additions—you name it! No matter the home improvement project, The Home People can get it done—whether it’s a complex kitchen renovation or just a new coat of paint. Get started with The Home People today!