Thanks to Hollywood’s kitchen renovation experts, a beautiful kitchen is finally within your grasp! In this blog, The Home People will enlighten you on the components every kitchen must have to be truly great.

Ample Storage Solutions

Cabinets are usually the most expensive component of any kitchen renovation, and for good reason—they dictate the look, layout, and overall functionality of your kitchen. Quality cabinets are beautiful and sophisticated, and provide you with custom organizational solutions that keep your life in order. The kitchen is the headquarters of the home—it’s where you cook, prepare meals, sort through mail, and organize nearly every aspect of your life.

Your cabinets play a big role in this organization, so design your cabinets to fit your specific organizational needs. Maybe you need rack storage for all of your Martha Stewart pots and pans, or maybe you’d rather have adjustable cabinet shelving for the most efficient use of your cabinet space. Maybe all you need is a large, spacious pantry for all your spices, supplies, and non-perishable foods  Whatever the case, your cabinets should be designed with you in mind.

Quality Countertops

There’s nothing cable TV home improvement shows talk about more than kitchen countertops—after all, every young couple in suburban Rhode Island is dying to have granite countertops in the perfect shade of taupe for their new home. But are fancy countertop materials like granite and soapstone really worth it?  

Well, it depends. If you’re obsessed with a certain kind of granite countertop, and you know it will be the focal point of your kitchen’s look for decades to come, then it’s absolutely worth the investment. First and foremost, your kitchen should be a space that you love, enjoy, and use to its fullest potential. If that means you spend a little extra on countertops or a wine fridge, then so be it. But if you’re looking to maximize the resale value of your home, you might want to choose a countertop material that gives you a better ROI.

Materials like stainless steel, wood, and even high-end laminate are much more affordable than granite, marble, and soapstone, but they still have a distinct look and enough durability to be a great addition to your kitchen and an eye-catching countertop choice for potential homebuyers. Even if you’re not adding the most luxurious countertops into your kitchen, you’ll have a newly renovated kitchen nonetheless—a buzz phrase that can send potential homebuyers rushing to close on your home.

Space-Age Appliances

If there’s something to splurge on in the world of kitchens, it’s appliances. These are the crown jewels of your kitchen because they make your culinary life easier and they look good doing it—so feel free to spend a little extra money in this department.

Stainless steel (and more contemporarily, gun metal) are popular finishes for appliances that keep their sheen over the years, so start with the essentials by purchasing a matching refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, and microwave (you don’t want to clog up your counter space with a microwave that’s not above your range, do you?). Once your essential appliances are squared away, you can do your research on other kitchen gadgets that take your kitchen to the next level.

New appliances don’t just look good—they can save you money on your energy bill as well. Opt for high-efficiency, Energy Star appliances, and you could cut your appliance energy consumption by up to 15 percent. It’s almost like these appliances will pay for themselves.

Reliable Flooring

Your kitchen floor is the punching bag of your home, graciously accepting every dropped wine glass, spilled bowl of cereal, doggy doo doo, and miscellaneous culinary mishap that befalls you. This is why your kitchen floor must be beautiful, durable, and easy to clean—it must stand up to decades of damage and disaster.

There are nearly unlimited options for kitchen flooring in a variety of styles and colors, so take your pick on what kind of flooring is best for your budget and your level of kitchen foot traffic. Slate and travertine are beautiful, durable options, but can be prone to scratches if not maintained properly. On the lower budget side of things, vinyl sheet flooring is impervious to nearly every kind of damage, and it’s super affordable; however, it doesn’t quite have the luxurious look of other flooring options. If you have to choose between splurging and saving on kitchen flooring, it’s best to splurge, as the large majority of kitchen floors will be long-term investments for your home.

Luscious Lighting

If you’ve spent thousands on countertops and appliances, you can’t get away with tightening your purse strings on lighting fixtures. Lighting sets the tone for your entire kitchen, helping you complete important culinary tasks like making a surgical incision into an avocado or squirting the perfect amount of frosting onto a cupcake. Plus, unique lighting fixtures can make more of a style statement than cabinets or counters ever will, giving you a kitchen style that sets you apart from the sea of grey counters and espresso cabinets.

It’s easy to get creative with light fixtures—they’re much less expensive than other aspects of your kitchen, and they’re easy to replace. Stop by your local kitchen hardware or thrift store, and you could find some stunning lighting solutions at surprisingly low prices.

The Kitchen Sink

You have everything you need for your kitchen… everything but the kitchen sink. The worst kind of kitchen sink is a single-basin death trap that harbors germs, bits of food, and the dirtiest of dishes beneath an unimpressive faucet. The best kind of kitchen sink has two, if not three basins, and takes advantage of a high-octane garbage disposal and a state-of-the-art retractable faucet wand. Plus, you could wash an Australian shepherd in there if you wanted to.

Thanks to The Home People, you now know the best and the worst choices for a kitchen sink. Make the right choice—choose the right sink.

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