Investing in quality heating, air conditioning, or HVAC equipment, repair and maintenance services helps you save energy, and that means saving a substantial amount of money. Selecting top quality brands such as American Standard and Rheem will make a difference to your monthly expenditures, and you will get the best results.

We look at the big picture of your home, and that means taking into account your ductwork, and the insulation of areas like your attic and windows. If necessary, we can install attic and roof ventilation to release intense heat which will significantly increase efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

The Critical Importance of Your Indoor Air Quality
Indoor air quality is an important aspect of health and comfort. Numerous studies have shown that there is a link between indoor air quality and disease. Investing in quality air can help you avoid disease and illness year round.

By staying on top of the latest air filtration systems and employing such innovations as air decontaminating UV lamps, we work to keep your air cleaner and safer year round. After all, whatever you keep out of your indoor air you effectively keep out of your lungs and your body!

Helping You Save Money Every Day of the Year
We’re dedicated to helping you save money and lots of it. One of the best ways of saving money on your energy bill is to invest in a modern HVAC system. An old unit is definitely costing you money each and every day, but a modern HVAC system will start paying for itself from the second it is turned on.

HVAC Installation
The Home People takes every single job seriously. This means that we get our HVAC installs done right the first time. Experience counts and it shows, especially when it comes to HVAC installation. Whether you need heating and cooling services for your home or office we have a myriad of effective and cost saving solutions! HVAC Repairs Should Be Left to the Professionals
No matter what kind of HVAC repair you may need or whether your service falls under warranty or is non-warranty, our experienced team can help. Emergency repairs are never a problem!

The Home People team members are NATE-certified HVAC service technicians. We can diagnose your heating systems problem and quickly let you know what your options are and which one we think best suits your needs.

HVAC Maintenance
One of the best ways to preserve your investment in HVAC is through proper maintenance. Proper maintenance can help you avoid problems that can disrupt your life and peace of mind. Routine maintenance can also help ensure that your air quality remains safe and healthy.

Alternative Heating and Cooling Options
Offering you all of the best alternative heating and cooling options is key part of helping you save money on your energy bills. Alternative heating and cooling options have come a very long way in recent years. The cost of installation and equipment has dropped considerably making such options as solar and solar water heaters not only viable, but often a logical and cost saving choice. We can also offer such options as geothermal heating and cooling as well. You name the alternative heating and cooling option and our team can help!

We are dedicated to quality and giving you the best service possible. All of our work comes with a 100% guarantee that you’ll have in writing.

Plumbing Services
Our team is experienced with plumbing issues both large and small. Whether you need major plumbing help, a water heater repair or new installations, we can help. We also will inspect your bathroom and/or kitchen to find any issues. If you have leaks, need repiping, or have pipes or toilets that need to be unclogged, The Home People can take care of these needs as well.