Hollywood Window Replacement

Old windows don’t just hurt the curb appeal of your home—they can burn a hole in your pocket by decreasing your home’s energy efficiency and shorten the life of your HVAC system. If your energy bills keep creeping higher and higher, or you notice window drafts letting that swampy summer air into your home, it’s time for a window replacement.

That’s where The Home People can help. With over 36 years of experience with window repairs and access to the most stylish and energy efficient windows on the market, we can instantly transform your curb appeal and make your home airtight and cost-effective now and for years to come.

Why Choose The Home People?

The contractors at The Home People only use the highest quality windows for all our construction jobs, whether we are building a home from scratch or replacing ones in an existing home. You should love the look of your windows and know that they will stand up to any weather Florida can throw at them. That’s what The Home People deliver every single time.

Let us help you make window selections that fit your style needs and budgets, and watch how quickly a simple window replacement can transform your home. Get started with The Home People today!